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Oil Sample Analysis

Engine and gear box condition can be evaluated by oil sample analysis. We send samples by courier to MOTORCHECK in Florida, and receive a report by fax in about four working days.

The analysis is based on emission and infrared spectroscopy.

The tests include 6 wear elements and 3 contamination metals.

The analysis is based on the hours of the engine and the hours on the oil since the last change.

       *Aluminium shows wear on pistons, bearings,
       housings bushings etc.

       *Chromium shows wear on compression rings,
       liners, bearings.

       *Copper shows wear on bearings, bushings,
       thrust washers, oil coolers, clutches

       *Iron shows wear on crankshaft, valves,
       cylinders, gears, liners, bearings.

       *Tin shows wear on pistons, bearings and bushings.

       *Silicon shows the presence of contamination
       by dirt or gasket material.

       *Potassium shows a coolant problem.

       *Sodium shows a coolant problem. Water shows
       a coolant problem or could be condensate.

       *Glycol shows a coolant problem.

       *Fuel dilution shows injector problems or internal
       diesel leakage.

       *Soot indicates incorrect air mixture.

In addition the report includes an analysis of the figures and indicates likely problem areas. The cost for this service is $60.00 per sample which does not includes the courier expenses.


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