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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the boat have to be hauled for the survey?
A. If this is a purchase survey, yes. If this is a survey for insurance, you should contact your insurance company and find out if they need an in-water or an out of water survey.

Q What does the haul cost and how do I pay?
A survey haul is carried out over the lunch period, usually hauled at 1130 and launched at 100. the cost at Nanny Cay is about $5.25 per foot, payment can be made by credit card to the yard

Q. Do you inspect the rig aloft?
Yes we always do if the vessel is afloat. We do not inspect the rig aloft if the vessel is a monohull and out of the water.

Q Do you do a sea trial as part of the survey?
Yes we do a sea trial after the haul during a purchase survey, we do not do a sea trial for insurance survey.

Q. How soon do we get a report?
Reports are sent by email in PDF format, usually within two days.

Q. Do you have any professional qualifications?
Our surveyors are members of SAMS, the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors and hold either the SA or AMS designation.

Q. Do you have insurance?
We are covered for Surveyors Legal Liability for US$1,000.000.00

Q. Do your reports include photographs?
Yes we take digital photos and imbed them in the report.

Q. How do I pay you for your services?
If you are present for the survey we accept US$ cheques, travelers cheques, or cash. We can accept credit cards but this costs us 4% so that will be added to your invoice. If you are not present for the survey, you can pay us through our secure section of our web site. Click this link for details ???????????

Q. Do we carry out compression tests of the engine?
. No but if we think that it is worthwhile, we will recommend several choices of marine engineers.

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