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Damage Survey

We have represented Underwriters and owners for a very wide range of insurance claims. These have included sinking, stranding, dismasting, mechanical breakdown, fire, arson, theft, personal injury, third party damage, flooding whilst in storage, latent defect, warranty claims, product liability, heavy weather damage and of course hurricane damage ashore and afloat.

We are routinely appointed by European, British and American Underwriters to attend vessels throughout the Caribbean to assist them with insurance claims. We usually handle about 50 losses each year (not including hurricane claims). We are pleased to be able to state that almost all insurance claims were settled on an amicable basis. The several which were not amicable were because we refused to agree with the owner to cheat the insurance company. We have produced a Guide to Making an Insurance Claim, which most people have found useful. To read more, click on the link above.

We also work for owners with damaged vessels, to advise them of the nature of the damages and make recommendations for repairs. These damages could include warranty claims on new vessels or damages to uninsured vessels.

We charge US$175.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours.

We use digital cameras and have underwater photography equipment.


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