Purchase & Financial Purposes Survey

Phase-Out of Charter Fleet Survey

Osmosis Evaluation

Oil Sample Analysis

Damage Survey

Canadian and British Tonnage Measurement

Condition and Evaluation for Insurance

Small Commercial Vessels MCA Codes
 Stability testing

Stolen Boats


Jon was born in 1964 in Birmingham Alabama and is a US Citizen. He has been sailing / boating since the age of 4. He has worked on various offshore Supply Ships in Brazil , worked for a Yacht Maintenance company in Jacksonville, worked as a Seaman on board the USCGC Eagle, ending up with the USCG as Command Controller, New Orleans in 1996. In 1998 Jon took over as Base Manager for a 30+ bareboat fleet based in the BVI and then moved on to Captain a 65’ sloop in the Caribbean and USA. Jon also has extensive experience with the salvage industry and has carried out many successful  salvage jobs assisting Shanty Maritime, the local BVI Salvage Company.


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